The PMS Cure book PMT-Reversing The Curse

A proven cure for pmt, pms and pmdd.


  • Are you fed up searching for help for PMT & PMS only to be told that there is no cure?
  • Have you tried all of the "Simple steps to eliminate PMS" yet still PMS is ruining your life?
  • Are monthly mood swings, emotional outbursts, personality change and physical symptoms such as bloating, cramps and breast pain making your life and the lives of those you love miserable?

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Kate Walker

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If you suffer from PMS symptoms, want help but cannot afford to purchase the book at this time, please send an email with your name and email address. This book was not written with the sole aim of making money. I went through hell with PMS and would not see anyone go without the help that is now available because they temporarily lack money. The book is there for anyone who needs it. If you can pay, we ask that you do but if you cant you are more than welcome to a copy Free, with my best wishes and willingess to help if I can and should you need it in the future.

Here is a link to send us your email address for the download.

Get the PMT book now!

Since the book PMT-Reversing the curse was first published it has gone on to become one of the most recommended and proven treatments for PMT. You can download the book here and save it to your device for printing or keep it close for easy access and read it on your kindle. iphone or other mobile device.

Kate has also been busy not only sourcing best natural products to help ease the lives of women who have suffered from PMS and PMDD, she is also currently developing her own range of supplements which will be available very soon. Please see the page titled PMS Products.

If you would like to contact Kate with any questions or for assistance with locating supplements in your area please send an email to her through the contacts page on this site.

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