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  1. I have scoured the internet
    Spent Years trying to cure my own PMS
    Seen Doctors and Homeopaths
    Had all kinds of blood test, biofeedback tests, nutritional test
    Iv taken Dianette and other pills

    The PMS only Got Worse!

    If you were to take the time and read through all the information out there on PMS - like I have, and believe me there is mountains of information, calls for help and sadly misinformed opinions.

    Women are advised to take everything from the pill, to Soy, to Prozac - Antidepressants and for the most extreme cases - hysterectomy.

    I sympathise.

    I have been there and suicide was often an option.

    However, back to earlier in this post.

    If you were to take the time and read through the montains of information fro mthe well and not so well informed you would find that the only thing that does work is the simple answer - bu tthe one most people will find too hard to:

    1. Believe - it cant be that simple

    2. To do - it is so much easier to believe that there must be a pill, a quick fix or in my case - it was so bad, I felt too crazy, I was too scared - for it just to be about food and how I spent my time

    The truth is, what works for PMT is a process of cleansing your body - getting rid of all the toxic buildup, supporting your internal organs while they do this and then following a nourishing system fo ryour glands and reproductive system that will:

    1. Increase your motabolism
    2. Increase your energy levels
    3. Improve your moods
    4. Clear your skin
    5. Tune up your sluggish system
    6. Enable you to think clearly
    7. Destress your body and mind
    8. Support your nervous system
    9. Clear foggy thinking
    10. help you look and feel better than you have done in quite some time.

    You see, PMS is not an illness on its own. It is a sign of what else is going on in your body. You have to help your whole body and it will reward you with working so well you wont have PMS.

    I know this will be hard to believe when the doctors, the newspapers, the so called experts and the organisations claiming to want to help PMS are telling you something completely different.

    But for once in your life take your own life into your own hands, switch on your common sense, if you have the time read through some of the articles and you will see a common thread - its about what you eat and drink, your lifestyle and how often you move your body.

    Have a look at the book PMT-Reversing the Curse at

    (Posted on 2011-08-29 12:07:00 by Toots)
  2. Thanks for the book.
    I am in my seond month since starting the plan and I feel so much better generally - more energy, skin looks great and ...............NO BLOATING and the terrible wind has gone.
    Still not convinced about the PMT. I started just after my last one and although I didnt feel it coming on this month - I normally would know before the bleed, but I still felt just as awful throughout the week and it still seemed as heavy as usual. I'll keep at it though and reckon if I am feeling better generally it can only be good and I am hoping that all the hard work will pay off. Will keep you posted. Di.

    (Posted on 2010-10-03 01:32:00 by Diane Colville)
  3. Iv been following the plan in the book for 6 months now and I am completely amazed. It is just like you said it would be. My skin has never looked better - no more monthly bloating and boils. Best of all for me is that the tiredness and mood swings are so so miniscule and I have to say that even though I know I am having a period I feel good all the way through. Thanks. The book did look a bit cookie - sorry, and I was very sceptical, but also bery desperate and the few pounds seemed worth the risk. I am so glad I got it and have told everyone who will listen and who has any kind of problem with pmt, all about it! Alll the best.

    (Posted on 2010-09-04 16:18:00 by BernadetteDearie)
  4. I wish I had had this years ago, but that was not to be. Thanks for all the hard work you have done and I hope that many or the young women sufferring today will be helped by your worked.

    (Posted on 2010-07-18 22:31:00 by JaneM)

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